Flasks, An Added Style to Your Lifestyle:

A cheap flask is not just for sporting events anymore. With literally dozens of varieties, sizes, and designs in the market these days, one can match your flask with your personality and desires. Below you will find some interesting facts, how to choose the suitable style for you or as a gift…

Not Only For One Purpose Only:

Flasks have been around for many decades and are considered one of the oldest drinking vessels, even out-rating glassware. The flasks were popularized by Norwegian explorers, which were traditionally made from leather and carried on the hip. Presently, these unique beverage containers are making a comeback. There are a quality and style for every passion, and they are not just for alcoholic refreshments anymore. Any beverage can be carried in a flask, even energy drinks, and nutritional supplements. There are five types of flasks and how they match with certain hobbies or u sages.

5 type of Flasks and Their Use:

Pewter Flasks:

Besides leather, pewter flasks are the most traditional type. Pewter is highly enduring and oozes class and elegance. Consider a pewter variety for a retirement gift or to celebrate a long term exclusive occasion. You can also add engraving to pewter, so it’s an ideal choice for a personalized gift. Recently, they have been a very common choice as groomsmen gifts.

Stainless Steel Flasks:

Stainless steel is the most widespread variety, mainly because of its sturdiness. They are literally impossible to break and will last a lifetime and longer. Mostly, stainless steel flasks are embellishing, meaning they have a distinct logo or special engraving. These flasks are an ideal gift for as sports lover, golfer, or winter sports enthusiast. Because they are fairly priced yet offer a refined presentation, stainless steel flasks are often used by businesses as advertising items or as thank you gifts to customers or suppliers.

Disposable Flasks:

These kinds of flasks are perfect for the college student. Disposable flasks are great for sporting events or get together. They are quite reasonable, usually topping out at ten dollars. While they will last for years, their low cost makes them easily dispensable. Disposable flasks are perfect for fraternity or sorority gifts, or for clubs and social organizations.

Fitness Flasks:

A new variety designed especially for runners and hikers. They are typically attached to a Velcro fastened belt which fits around the waistline. The belt itself has pockets for the flasks, either two or four. Best for the fitness buff, these flasks can hold energy drinks, water, or any kind of fitness beverage. It is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys outdoor running or hiking, especially for longer distances.

Personalized Flasks

Finally, personalized flasks match with your personal desire or passion. if you’re a sports fanatic, you can find models with your beloved sports team logo. Amongst many personalized flasks available are police, fire, armed forces, boating, golf, and bike enthusiast.

After all, there’s always a flask waiting for the specific or every occasion, passion, or hobby. And if you’re looking for a perfect personalized gift or a cheap flask, there are dozens of varieties to meet your needs at Jillian Distributors. To select your favorite one, you can either go on http://www.jilliandistributors.com or call us at 615-323- 0830.



Leather Bags: Love of Modern Women and Benefits of Buying in Wholesale

In the modern era, style and fashion are not only reserved for men, women are also playing a tremendous role. Women love leather bags and they choose and buy different ones for every other occasion they attend. Well, the wholesale leather bags are so popular that ladies can pick the best bags at affordable rates. They can have the pleasure of selecting the best wholesale leather bags of their choice from the wholesale dealer or market. If you are the interested in wholesale leather, Jillian distributor is the best choice. The wholesale bags have many benefits over the baggage bought from the retail shops. The wholesale market comes with a broad range of designs. You can come across a lot of designs when shopping at the wholesale markets and with best dealers.

Vast Range Of Colors and Designs:

When you are shopping wholesale, you have the option to choose the color of your choice. A color which is limited in a retail market but in the wholesale market, you have a vast variety of colors and designs to choose from. Moreover, you can also pick leather bags in various shapes. You can also come across the latest and stylish leather bags when shopping at the wholesale markets.

Top Labels:

Another great advantage of wholesale leather and bag market is that you can find top class labels, which you cannot find in the retail store. When buying bags from these places, you have the option to buy the best and the top class labels to the cheapest ones. One can also come across leather bags from different countries at these markets.

Economical and Affordable:

Another advantage is that one can buy leather baggage at very economical and affordable rates. The wholesale dealers will be buying directly from the producers and they would be able to give the leather bags at very low rates. On the other hand, the retailers cannot do so as they buy the leather baggage from the wholesalers and then sell it.

Another Option: Online

In today’s era, it has become simpler to buy wholesale leather bags as you have the option of buying them online. There are hundreds of websites that sell baggage at wholesale. One of them is Jillian Distributors. The websites have a wide collection of bags in different designs, shapes, and colors. A benefit of buying wholesale leather baggage online is that you can make the orders from the home and they are delivered at your home.

With the wholesale market gaining momentum, women have an advantage especially those who love to change their leather bags more often. The wholesale market or online websites like Jillian Distributors makes buying leather baggage easier. You can save a lot of money and get the best leather baggage of your desire. Jillian Distributors has pioneered in the wholesale market in the states who offer quality products at remarkable savings for over 15 years. We are a wholesale leather distributor of over 100 different product categories from leather jackets, Handbags, shoes, briefcases and much more. To know more call us on 615-323- 0830 or visit our website http://www.jilliandistributor.com.

Which is the best: Stainless Steel or Pewter Flask?

These days’ people often look for the size and price of the cheap flasks instead of the quality and material in it. Even though price and the size a flask matters, but the quality should not be ignored. If you are trying to choose between a stainless steel or pewter flask, there are a few things to consider. If you are looking to spend extra money on a nice flask, you may lean towards pewter. However, if you want a sturdy and cheap flask for regular use, a stainless steel one is the way to go.

Why Stainless Steel Flasks?

Stainless steel is considered to be the most popular material used in making flasks these days. Stainless steel is a useful alloy of metals that is repellent to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for carrying your favorite liquor. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel flasks are sturdy enough to stand a little rough handling and also sparkling enough to attract a person’s desire for a little bling.

Hygienic and Easy To Clean:

Stainless steel is hygienic and is easily cleaned. The benefit it provides is as follows:

1. It has a long life

2. Can withstand even falls

So, if your drinking issues often lead to dropping things or falling, stainless steel flasks are the best option to consider. These flasks are a not at all expensive and everyone can easily afford. Stainless steel flasks are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can choose one in any style or color, and even covered with a variety of different materials.

Pewter Flasks- Is it a great Investment?

Pewter flasks always come with classic good looks. It is a kind of item that can become a family legacy passed from generation to generation. Pewter is known as an outstanding metal for sustaining liquids at the right temperature. Pewter flasks are much more costly than stainless steel flasks. However, they are much less expensive than sterling silver flasks.

The crucial part you need to look or notice is the manufacturing year of pewter flasks. If you purchase or are gifted an antique pewter flask, make sure don’t drink anything in and out of it. Pewter used to be made of lead, which can make you real life Humpty Dumpty-literally. But, now pewter is made lead-free, which is why it is a much more suitable choice for a flask than old pewter. Another thing to bear in mind is handling of the pewter flask. Since it cannot handle rough situations. So be careful when drinking out of it.

Preparation of a New Flask for use?

Knowing how to properly clean your flask will eliminate the problem. Essentially, if a flask is new, it may have some residue from production or packing still inside. Make sure to clean it and if not easy, follow these steps:

1. Simply rinse it several times with hot water by filling and emptying it.

2. If you feel that simple rinsing is not enough or you are cleaning a used flask, use white distilled vinegar and an equal amount of water mixed together. Heat the mixture and add it carefully to your flask.

3. Once the flask is half filled, close it tightly and shake firmly. Rinse and repeat, rinsing carefully before letting it dry.

Make sure never use soap on a flask as the residue will cling to the container and will spoil the flavor of the alcohol you put in it. Jillian Distributor is one of the best wholesalers of cheap flasks in the United States. To know more about us call at 615-323- 0830 or visit our website http://www.jilliandistributors.com

All You Should Know About Wholesale Leather

People have been fascinated with leather and leather products for quite some time now. Most of the people dream of starting their own leather retail store. But before making this dream come true, hiring a trustworthy and reliable leather bag wholesaler is important. Having the best wholesaler in leather products will guarantee that one meet the demands of their customers. This practice will earn your customers trust and will be delighted with the services. Finding a right wholesaler for wholesale leather is crucial as well as beneficial. Read further and figure out how?

What can the right wholesaler do for you?

The right wholesalers will help you build your reselling business dream. If you want your business to be successful and cost effective, you should be the only one running your business without any partners. One can auction or sell leather products via online selling portals. Some people have their own website and start selling their products by themselves. In order to boost the popularity of the business, locating a trustworthy wholesaler of a leather bag is very important.

When choosing a good wholesaler, you need to consider certain things.

Choosing a Trustworthy Wholesaler:

First of all, make a list of all the wholesalers who can assist you or offer the products that you plan to sell. If you like to sell leather bags, wallets, jackets, you need to look for wholesalers who practice in supplying leather products in bulk. You need to conduct a careful analysis about the prospective wholesaler. You also need to ascertain a set of guidelines in order to appraise each drop ship wholesaler.

Take a look at 2 R’s- Reliability and Reputation:

The most important part is the reputation of a wholesaler. You should always verify whether the wholesaler you are depending on has a repo in the industry or amongst customers. The wholesaler must be genuine and at the same time trustworthy. This will give an individual a sense of security that once assured the supply of good to your clients, it is going to get delivered on time. You can conduct a history or background check on their business in BBB(Better Business Bureau). You also need to be sure about their location and if they are within the United States. Do they provide shipping to limited states? You can also initiate contact via email or call. Ask the entire question and gather all the required information before making a move.

Wholesaler Deliverable Areas:

One need to be sure if the wholesaler you are choosing deliver in the states or outside as well. This will help an individual to select a standard wholesaler if he/she is focusing on international customers as well. You also need to study all the aspects of the area or location of your wholesaler and then from that point you can establish your target market to give you an estimate on the delivery hours it will take for the goods to deliver to your prospective buyer. It will be a smart decision to pick a wholesaler who delivers internationally.

Jillian Distributors has pioneering company in the states who offer quality products at remarkable savings for over 15 years. We are a wholesale leather distributor of over 100 different product categories from leather jackets, Handbags, shoes, briefcases and much more. To know more call us on 615-323- 0830 or visit our website http://www.jilliandistributor.com.

Online Is The New Way Of Purchasing Wholesale Products:

In today’s era, the internet is helping everyone entering the wholesale business and giving an access easily online. Almost all the wholesalers now own an online store and maintain a healthy and an assorted product catalog. All of these websites have safe and secure online payment gateways and one can easily place an order via placement methods which are customer friendly and safe. This way people can have a secure way of ordering wholesale product easily.


How online shopping helps and what people are scared about:

Even though many retailers now take advantage of online shopping, however, a great number still avoid this facility because they don’t want to risk spending money on something that might turn out to be a sour deal because of cheap wholesale products. Throngs of scammers hover around the online trading of wholesale products make it an unappetizing choice for many retailers. However, due to the ease and flexibility of online purchase, many retailers prefer shopping online.

The comparison is made easy!

Purchasing something online, the first step is to go on the internet and start comparing prices and try to recognize the quality of the same products available on different websites. This way one get best available quality at an economical cost. Comparing and evaluating by actually visiting each shop in person? Whoa, hard work right? Thus, all online wholesale portals will come in handy.

Convenience at its Best!

When physically visiting every wholesale store and buying products in bulk, a single visit isn’t good enough. You also incur some transportation cost. Time is the most important of them all and lots of the money is spent throughout these visits. Purchasing online save your time and money and offer you a benefit of sitting in home and couple of hours to compare prices, evaluate the quality and features and hit the order now button.

Shop From Where You Are, Even If You Are In Greenland:

Online purchasing of wholesale products is the most comfortable mode of purchase in everyone’s opinion. Open the concerned website, updating your shopping cart with the fancied products and making payments for them through online banking and place orders directly with the suppliers. Also, delivery is hassle free and delivers on the doorstep and you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading of the goods in bulk. Time has not limitations as one can shop, 365 days a year, 7 days in a week, 24 hours a day.

Obtaining unique products become easy!

The convenience of buying online are many but one of the most profitable is you have a wide category to choose from. Sometimes you can come across such unique and rare items that are very hard to procure these days.

Get Yourself Relieved from Sales Tax!

Now most of the retailers who purchase products from outside the state purchase online. This cuts down high sales tax which was formerly a rodent on the retailer’s pocket. As you buy everything online the sales tax reduces to the minimum.

If you are intending to set up your own wholesale business and searching for a reliable wholesaler, go on your favorite browser, type wholesale products and you will find Jillian Distributors as one of the online traders of wholesale products on which you can rely on. Just log on to www.JillianDistributors.com and begin shopping for your wholesale products online today, and enjoy all the precedent advantages. To know more, you can call us on 615-323- 0830.

The Wholesale Market for Leather Bags

Women love leather bags and they like to use different ones made of different leather for different occasions. Well, the wholesale leather bags are so popular that ladies can easily get it from the wholesale markets at affordable prices depending on the quality of leather. They can have the pleasure of choosing the best wholesale baggage of their choice from the wholesale market.

If you are looking for the leather bags, the wholesale leather market is one of best choice as the sellers directly by the baggage from the retailers. In a wholesale market, you will be able to meet up with the wide variety of designs which usually you cannot get from the retailers. You can get the advantage of finding the baggage of your choice as you will be having many options amongst the color which usually retailer would not provide you.

Moreover, you can also find the bags with different shapes and sizes, and you will also come across the latest leather baggage while shopping in the wholesale markets. The most interesting thing about this market is that you will find bags of top-class tag in it which retailer will not be having. The wholesale market provides your leather bags with a top class tag in it at a very affordable price. You will also come across the brands of other countries at these markets. The wholesale leather can be procured by Jillian Distributors at reasonable rates.

On top of that, all these leather baggage with a class tags are there at very affordable prices with a great advantage of bargaining, which totally depends on how you approach them, the reason being that they directly buy it from the producers at very low rates. On the other hand, retailers also buy this material from the wholesalers and they sell it at their respective hubs. The great advantage of shopping from the wholesale market is that there you will get an additional discount on every top class designs, which the retailers would not give you in their stores.

In today’s world is has become very easy to buy these wholesale leather bags, as there are many online sites which provide you the same baggage at affordable prices. There are hundreds of websites which sell baggage with a wide collection of bags in different designs, shapes, and color and also imported once. An advantage of buying these wholesale leather bags online is that you can be at your home and just make your choice from there and simply wait for the delivery. The only disadvantage of buying these leather bags online is that you won’t be able to confirm the authenticity of the product.

The wholesale market makes buying leather baggage easier and possible for women who love to change their leather bags for different occasions. When buying the leather baggage from wholesale you will be able to save a lot of money and fill your wardrobe with the variety of bags of your desire. So having your own wholesale leather business can be profitable with the help of a reliable wholesaler. One of such wholesaler is Jillian distributor. To know more about our catalog, you can call us at 615-323- 0830

A Man With A Flask Can Handle The Task

A man has a number of responsibilities, deadlines of the office, and very less time for sleep. So how does he manage all these pressures? Different men have their own ways to kill the stress, and a flask with fine booze is the best method to get rid of the pressure instantly. A flask is also a style statement of a gentleman who knows how to carry his booze. If you are looking for cheap flasks that can fit your budget, you can visit the web page of Jillian Distributors to find a variety of flasks.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Having A Flask

1. Enhances Your Vogue



The flasks were used back in time by affluent men and the tradition carries on till date. If you are having a flask kept nicely in your blazer pocket, you will be seen as a man with class. This accessory is loved by all men who like to maintain their style statement. Flasks are made of different metals and some men also have flasks made of silver. A flask with some engravings on them can make them more unique.


2. Easy To Carry

A hip flask is very easy to carry and can be carried to almost any place without being detected. If you are going for a small drive to find some peace and solitude, carrying your preferred hooch in a flask is much better than carrying a big liquor bottle. You can carry the flask in your trouser’s hip pocket or your blazer’s side pocket very easily. Make sure you are not carrying it in the hip pocket of tight jeans or it will be bulging out and will also be uncomfortable for you. You can sip your drink directly from the flask or add some to a black coffee and forget all the stress.

3. Defines Your Personality

A flask is not to be flaunted but when you are with your close friends, a flask can reflect your personality. You can customize your flask by engraving a quote which defines you. The flask shows the intensity of a man’s hard work and some customization can be enough to do the job. Make sure you do no share your flask with everyone. It is to be shared only with your close friends who know the real person you are.

4. Magnifies The look Of Your Mini Bar

Men love to collect vintage flasks and keep them in their bars at home and office. If you have a few vintage flasks in your collection, the person looking at it can tell about the good taste you have.

Cheap Flasks At Jillian Distributors


Flasks come in different sizes and materials. If you are looking for a flask to keep in your collection, or simply carry it with you, you must check out the collection of cheap flasks at Jillian Distributors. To know more visit our web page www.jilliandistributors.com or give us a call at 615-323- 0830.