Flasks, An Added Style to Your Lifestyle:

A cheap flask is not just for sporting events anymore. With literally dozens of varieties, sizes, and designs in the market these days, one can match your flask with your personality and desires. Below you will find some interesting facts, how to choose the suitable style for you or as a gift…

Not Only For One Purpose Only:

Flasks have been around for many decades and are considered one of the oldest drinking vessels, even out-rating glassware. The flasks were popularized by Norwegian explorers, which were traditionally made from leather and carried on the hip. Presently, these unique beverage containers are making a comeback. There are a quality and style for every passion, and they are not just for alcoholic refreshments anymore. Any beverage can be carried in a flask, even energy drinks, and nutritional supplements. There are five types of flasks and how they match with certain hobbies or u sages.

5 type of Flasks and Their Use:

Pewter Flasks:

Besides leather, pewter flasks are the most traditional type. Pewter is highly enduring and oozes class and elegance. Consider a pewter variety for a retirement gift or to celebrate a long term exclusive occasion. You can also add engraving to pewter, so it’s an ideal choice for a personalized gift. Recently, they have been a very common choice as groomsmen gifts.

Stainless Steel Flasks:

Stainless steel is the most widespread variety, mainly because of its sturdiness. They are literally impossible to break and will last a lifetime and longer. Mostly, stainless steel flasks are embellishing, meaning they have a distinct logo or special engraving. These flasks are an ideal gift for as sports lover, golfer, or winter sports enthusiast. Because they are fairly priced yet offer a refined presentation, stainless steel flasks are often used by businesses as advertising items or as thank you gifts to customers or suppliers.

Disposable Flasks:

These kinds of flasks are perfect for the college student. Disposable flasks are great for sporting events or get together. They are quite reasonable, usually topping out at ten dollars. While they will last for years, their low cost makes them easily dispensable. Disposable flasks are perfect for fraternity or sorority gifts, or for clubs and social organizations.

Fitness Flasks:

A new variety designed especially for runners and hikers. They are typically attached to a Velcro fastened belt which fits around the waistline. The belt itself has pockets for the flasks, either two or four. Best for the fitness buff, these flasks can hold energy drinks, water, or any kind of fitness beverage. It is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys outdoor running or hiking, especially for longer distances.

Personalized Flasks

Finally, personalized flasks match with your personal desire or passion. if you’re a sports fanatic, you can find models with your beloved sports team logo. Amongst many personalized flasks available are police, fire, armed forces, boating, golf, and bike enthusiast.

After all, there’s always a flask waiting for the specific or every occasion, passion, or hobby. And if you’re looking for a perfect personalized gift or a cheap flask, there are dozens of varieties to meet your needs at Jillian Distributors. To select your favorite one, you can either go on http://www.jilliandistributors.com or call us at 615-323- 0830.



Author: Jillian Distributors

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