Online Is The New Way Of Purchasing Wholesale Products:

In today’s era, the internet is helping everyone entering the wholesale business and giving an access easily online. Almost all the wholesalers now own an online store and maintain a healthy and an assorted product catalog. All of these websites have safe and secure online payment gateways and one can easily place an order via placement methods which are customer friendly and safe. This way people can have a secure way of ordering wholesale product easily.


How online shopping helps and what people are scared about:

Even though many retailers now take advantage of online shopping, however, a great number still avoid this facility because they don’t want to risk spending money on something that might turn out to be a sour deal because of cheap wholesale products. Throngs of scammers hover around the online trading of wholesale products make it an unappetizing choice for many retailers. However, due to the ease and flexibility of online purchase, many retailers prefer shopping online.

The comparison is made easy!

Purchasing something online, the first step is to go on the internet and start comparing prices and try to recognize the quality of the same products available on different websites. This way one get best available quality at an economical cost. Comparing and evaluating by actually visiting each shop in person? Whoa, hard work right? Thus, all online wholesale portals will come in handy.

Convenience at its Best!

When physically visiting every wholesale store and buying products in bulk, a single visit isn’t good enough. You also incur some transportation cost. Time is the most important of them all and lots of the money is spent throughout these visits. Purchasing online save your time and money and offer you a benefit of sitting in home and couple of hours to compare prices, evaluate the quality and features and hit the order now button.

Shop From Where You Are, Even If You Are In Greenland:

Online purchasing of wholesale products is the most comfortable mode of purchase in everyone’s opinion. Open the concerned website, updating your shopping cart with the fancied products and making payments for them through online banking and place orders directly with the suppliers. Also, delivery is hassle free and delivers on the doorstep and you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading of the goods in bulk. Time has not limitations as one can shop, 365 days a year, 7 days in a week, 24 hours a day.

Obtaining unique products become easy!

The convenience of buying online are many but one of the most profitable is you have a wide category to choose from. Sometimes you can come across such unique and rare items that are very hard to procure these days.

Get Yourself Relieved from Sales Tax!

Now most of the retailers who purchase products from outside the state purchase online. This cuts down high sales tax which was formerly a rodent on the retailer’s pocket. As you buy everything online the sales tax reduces to the minimum.

If you are intending to set up your own wholesale business and searching for a reliable wholesaler, go on your favorite browser, type wholesale products and you will find Jillian Distributors as one of the online traders of wholesale products on which you can rely on. Just log on to and begin shopping for your wholesale products online today, and enjoy all the precedent advantages. To know more, you can call us on 615-323- 0830.


4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Your Wholesale Product Supplier

If you have a small retail business and you’re trying to source the latest stock then buying your wholesale products from a wholesaler is a very beneficial option. As it will provide you with a vast range of products and merchandise at affordable prices will sure help you maximize your profit margins, hence enough room for customer discounts as well. However, there are some points you should consider well ahead of time before choosing your wholesale products supplier. Majorly the following four points:

The legitimacy of the Website

Because there are many scam websites out there who are there just to con money out of you, therefore it is vital to do a complete check on the legitimacy of an online wholesale product supplier. Make sure that the wholesaler is well established and has a formidable reputation. Make use the review websites out there to read the reviews left by people about the wholesaler plus you can also check a few industry forums just read the comments and feedback left there by other sellers. If you take this precaution you can save yourself from losing money to a mere scam. So just be careful before choosing your wholesale partner.

Check the Quality Beforehand

Applying the same, going to the review pages websites technique. You can read what the other users have to say about wholesale product supplier you want to avail the goods from. There will be many reviews regarding the quality of the products they bought from that particular wholesaler. Reviews will praise or criticize the products accordingly so it’ll give you a sure shot idea of the quality of the stock. Please also, determine the type of guarantees the wholesaler gives on their products, by visiting their website. Also, try and read the guarantees to the core on not so very famous merchandise, just to be careful. Do check their return policy as well or if they even have a return policy. For example Jillian Distributors, they have a 15-day return policy and also have a wide range of merchandise available for purchase.

Compare prices

Always compare the prices between different wholesale product websites, because it is really important to do the math before you go ahead and make the actual purchase. As it will help you maximize your profit margin. It also will get you acquainted with the market and you can try as many wholesalers as possible initially until you find the right match for your business.

Also, it may be of importance to make small purchases until you’re sure you can exhaust all your inventory while making a good profit.

Careful with Closeouts and Sales

There might be occasions when your wholesale product supplier might offer a liquidation sale or a close out. Though it’s a very good money making the opportunity, you still need to be careful about buying products from a sale or a close out, ask the wholesale product supplier beforehand the reason for the closeout or why is the sale taking place. It’s so because you don’t want to end up with badly damaged goods or the goods you won’t be able to sell, no matter how hard you try.

Keeping the above in mind, by spending the much needed time and effort on researching the wholesale product market, you’ll be able to stock your retail business with ample amount of high-quality merchandise while reaping good profits.

Jillian Distributors gives you 15 years of experience in the wholesale products with the best and a very reliable wholesale partnership for any retail business. You can get to know more about Jillian by visiting our website or you can call us at +1-615- 323-0830.

A Flask for Every Purpose

Whether you have a cheap flask or an expensive one, at the end of the day what matters is that it should hold enough liquor for everybody in your circle of drunkards.

A funny quote by Robert Jones Burdette sums up the definition of a quart quite wittingly well here is the quote for further examination:“Quart—a unit of measure applied to the size of the hip-pocket in Kansas; a flask which holds about “Quart—a unit of measure applied to the size of the hip-pocket in Kansas; a flask which holds about enough for five men in Boston, three in Ohio and one in Arkansas.” —Robert Jones Burdette. There is always a chance that the liquor you have might not be able to quench the thirst of everyone around. Like When Lucifer offers naive Prince Henry a drink from his so-called “little flask,” the prince wonders, “Will one draught suffice?” and Lucifer gives him a kind Luciferian assurance, “If not, you can drink more.”

That piece of fine wisdom only holds water, when you have a very large flask on you. Like Satan plainly did in this situation, because when he pours a drink out for Hank, he assures him with this little rhyme, “Let not the quantity alarm you: You may drink all; it will not harm you.”

However you don’t want to ensnare any young royal souls, therefore you may not need so much. While we tend to be erroneous on the side of more quantity, we recognize that you don’t hire a death metal rock band for a small church party. Brandishing out a 48 ounce Jack Daniels  Magnum in a small office cabin to celebrate a business contract may give your new investors unnecessary time to think. On the Contrary, passing a two-ounce little swagger around a circle of heavy metal fans is likely to earn you the sort of reputation you don’t want.

If you’re an avid drinking buff then you should have at least three flasks with you at all times. One small enough that you can attach to a keychain, this one is strictly for the emergencies. Then a medium sized four to eight-ounce for casual affairs and a 10+ouncer for when you’re rocking a heavy war of the drunkards.

If you are a man with any sort of, even a remote romantic streak, you can consider buying an antique flask. There is a sleuth of a collection of antique flasks on the official website of Jillian Distributors.

Imagine yourself drinking from the flask of a long dead 19 Century English General, or some dashing old- timer knight. It sure will add that extra flavor to whatever’s inside of that flask.

However, you should not carry your flask to a bar. Just to save you on some liquor money. It will be like carrying a gun into a church communion. And on the low side of it will make you look affected in some curious manner. Once you start carrying a flask around you should encourage your friends to carry the same death spawn on their hips as well because once you hold the title of the flask-man all your friends will surround you like vultures surrounding a rotting corpse. it looks glamorous in the beginning but will lose it’s charm as quickly as dozen times.

Plus all your flasky little brethren you should come and behold the wide range of cheap flasks available at our website that is Jillian Distributors have over 15 years of satisfied customers in wholesale distribution. Check our inventory for wide varieties of cheap and handy flasks.

All You Need To Know About Pocket Knives

Wholesale Knives are the most cherished tool one can own. A tool which has been there for centuries and has seen so much history and social evolution, the pocket knife is by far the handiest tool you can probably own. It’s amazing how this tool has evolved over time, from the single sharp blade to the extremely well-engineered Swiss Army knife, these knives have managed to adjust to the modern man’s new lifestyle.


While there is the art of excellent craftsmanship, which leads to these brand new pocket knife makes, Where it’s not only about the cosmetic look, bur the knife should be easy to work with as well, These little babies in your pocket are actually had very deep historical roots as well. It started back in the Iron Age where people were developing utilitarian tools.

There was no such term as a pocket knife, assuming that pockets weren’t in existence back then, however, the tool itself was taking shape back then. Then military pocket knives saw the daylight and took the market by surprise. Then Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife came into existence, which still is very popular today, set a new dawn of significance for the widely adulated tool, making way for an apparent makeover: from just a hunting tool to a full- on a piece of weapon.

Buck Pocket Knives

Formerly known as a ‘folding hunting knife’, Buck’s Lockback knife was a hoot among sportsmen and soldiers, just owing to its versatility. Credit for turning a simple knife into such a tactical piece of tool goes to famous manufacturers like Bob Terzuola, Michael Walker, and Warren Osbourne. Then came in the descendent brands like Kershaw, Gerber, and Benchmade contributed to the promotion of already popular buck knives. Guess that was enough for a pocket knife to get a stronghold in the world of tools.

In modern times, Buck knives are among the most sought after pieces of weaponry. These are commonly called a ‘tactical folder’.

Engraved Pocket Knives

This type of knives is all about customization so they have their own names or their owner’s names engraved on them. Engraving your knife with your name is a very famous trend. Plus it makes your knife stand out among others. You can even give your knife a name. Or write some quote on it. Like “Knife is Family,”remember Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

If you are considering a way to give your wholesale knife a special look, remember that you can find different websites or shops which give you the same services, don’t mind the brand or model you rock. Engraved pocket knives can also be presented as a gift to friends who are into camping, hunting or any other outdoor activity.It has been a thing of men’s code to own a pocket knife for ages. The reason, in modern days, pocket knives enjoy increasing popularity, with each passing day, which makes them an indispensable everyday tool.

Let Jillian Distributors assist you in finding the perfect pocket knife for you! We furnish pocket knives enthusiasts with an incredible inventory of wonderful wholesale knives and brands. However, you can buy a pocket knife from anywhere owing to their popularity. Finding that special blade, the one that you may want to make a family heirloom, is not that easy. So search for it in the right place

Advantages of buying Wholesale Products Online

Thanks to the internet now you can buy wholesale products easily online. As almost all the wholesalers now own an online store and maintain a healthy and a diverse product catalog. All of them have secure online payment gateways and use order placement methods which are customer friendly and punctual.

Even though many retailers now take advantage of online shopping, however, a great number still refrain from using this facility because they don’t want to risk spending money on something that might turn out to be a sour deal because of substandard products. Hordes of scams surrounding online trading of wholesale products make it an unappetizing choice for many retailers. However, due to the ease and flexibility of online purchase, many retailers go for shopping online for their wholesale products.

The top reasons are listed below:

1. Product comparison becomes easy

Whenever you decide to purchase something especially online, the first step is to go to Google and start comparing prices and try to discern the quality of the same products offered by different websites. This is done because you should always go for the best available quality at relatively least possible cost. Imagine doing all the comparison and evaluation by physically visiting each shop in person? Whoa! Lots of work right? That is where all those online wholesale portals will come in handy. So compare, evaluate and buy the most suitable for your retail business online.

2. Saves time and money

When you’re out there physically purchasing all your wholesale products in bulk, you have to arrange a visit to the concerned showroom plus sometimes just one visit isn’t good enough. Also, incurs some transportation cost. Time is the most valuable of them all and lots of it wasted during these visits to the wholesale stores. On the other hand, if you do it online all you need is a couple of hours to compare prices, evaluate the quality and features and hit the order now button.

3. Shop from the comfort of your home!

Online purchasing of wholesale products is the most convenient mode of purchase in our opinion. You just hit the available website, update your shopping cart with the desired products, then make payments for them through online banking and place orders directly with the suppliers. Also, delivery is hassle free and till your doorstep and you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading of the goods in bulk. No time constraints as you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

4. Finding rare items become easy


One advantage of buying online is that you have a wide variety to choose from. Sometimes you can come across such unique and rare items that you just won’t be able to believe your luck. You can easily find books, CD’s which are no longer available in print, old coins and even second-hand products and such on the internet.

5. Sales tax relief

Now most of the retailers who buy products from outside the state purchase online. This cuts down a lot on the high sales tax which was formerly a big rodent on the retailers pocket. However online shopping of products has made it a thing of the past now. As you buy everything online the sales tax cuts down several notches.

Jillian Distributors is one such online trader for wholesale products to which you can bank on for the quality and for the reliable. Just log on to and begin shopping for your wholesale products online today, and enjoy all the aforementioned advantages.

More About Basic Kitchen

A good kitchen knife is may be the most important piece of utensil in your kitchen’s arsenal. And, it enhances the cooking experience many folds if you have a slick kitchen knife in your cooking zone. Whether you are a professional chef or a cook or just a regular joe in the kitchen doing some basic stuff, it’s always a blessing to have a trustworthy nice knife in your hand which will make sure that the work is done well. To add to your demands, you can look for a wide range of wholesale knives in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Imagine cooking your Meat and poultry to perfection without cutting them in proper small pieces. Sounds impossible right? Same goes with the vegetables and whole green spices. You need to cut them properly in order for them to taste good after cooking. If you read cooking or food magazines you must have come across lots of pictures with amazingly presented food items. The key to presenting food in a proper manner is how are they arranged on a platter. And you can bet they sure look way better than they even taste.

Your basic kitchen knife is the reason behind every well-presented dish. If you’re using a perfect knife then you can stay assured that whatever is it that you’re cooking will be cooked to perfection and you can present it in a way that it will make everyone looks at it drool their hearts out.

How do you look for the best kitchen knife?

1. Look at the shape and style.

A knife is a very personal thing really. Choosing a knife depends heavily on what are you going to use it for. For example, if you want to put your knife to some heavy duty task like Dicing, chopping, and slicing then your best bet is a cook’s knife. Because they are heavy and long.

Then there is a slicing knife it’s smaller and shorter than a cook’s knife. It is mostly used for chopping soft or large cut of meats.

A bread knife is a blunt brother of all the aforementioned knives and has smaller blades. Blunt brother means that they are not as sharp as the other kinds of knives because they are only used cut soft portions of types of bread. If you use a bread knife on other food items it will become dull over time.

2. The knife handle.

The handle of your knife comes in all shapes sizes and can be crafted out of several materials like. Like stainless steel, composite, plastic and wood. Plastic knife handles can be customized into any shape or form you want to mold them into. They can also be customized to a length where they will almost hug your hand like a good old buddy. The modern makers make use of computer enhancements to determine the best shape and mold.

The knife has been an inseparable tool in the hands of a man for hundreds of years, for cooking and cutting and defense attack and many other things, in today’s world you can find a huge selection of wholesale knives in the marketplace, for any purpose and need. Jillian Distributors has been a wholesale distributor known for its wide variety, exceptional quality of knives. Visit to check our inventory or call us for any kind of query. Our experience of 15 years in this industry will surely make some difference for you to choose best of all for your business.

Enhancing Your Personality With Right Accessories and Clothes

Italian fashion wholesale is a venue of a great nexus between the exporters and importers from the Italian fashion market. Thanks to the strong presence of ‘Made in Italy brands’ Consumers now can identify the brand and then link to its sophistication and greater quality.

Looking for something exclusive for your wardrobe through wholesale shopping? Then look for various fashion shops and boutiques selling the related stuff. Jillian Distributor is one of them and truly is the provider of the trendiest and the most stylized accessories to match up with your equally high-end wardrobe. They boast of a large variety of wholesale leather handbags with a mix of both the Italian and French brands. Jillian Distributor comes with years of experience in selling French and Italian apex brands that include clothing, hand purses, and wholesale leather bags is a name to be reckoned within itself. Their major ways of operation include chain stores, retail outlets, and wholesale outlets and distributorships.

Accessories play an important part in turning up your style and sophistication up a notch. Accessories like handbags, wallets, shoes, purses, jackets, belts and so on are some of these which can boost your personality for sure. If your mood is really set on copping some of this stuff you’re going to want to get in touch with an Italian fashion wholesale shop that sells handbags and other accessories.

However, the number of shops who do wholesale leather handbags is really low. A genuine Italian or French leather bag is really lightweight, durable and scratch resistant and they’re made from ostrich and crocodile leather. The shops may even hire Italian fashion agents for their boutiques or outlets as these professionals come in handy whenever there is a need for some trendy fashion advice.

There are many of the fashion designers so skilled that they manage to cough up new designs and cuts every single season. Handmade Italian handbags have that ethnic workmanship’s air to them. It ought to be mentioned here that Italian handbags not only are the mark of style and elegance but there lightweight makes them an excellent backpack. They indeed are little pieces of art. Italian handbags include a large variety of artful, fashionable and trendy leather handbags, original leather bags, bags with adjustable straps, soft leather bags and so on. The classic varieties include bags which can be placed in the formal category owing to their sophisticated and refined look. However, if you aren’t the formal type you can choose from the more fashionable ones, the casual ones for those trendy women.

If you’re into that feminine feel, then there’s nothing that can beat an Italian pure leather handbag. If you want a comfortable carrying experience then you can try the ones with those lengthy straps. You can also try some varieties of softer leather bags they look nice and are really soft to touch. Magnetic closures are an integral part of each and every type of leather handbag and purse.

These handbags come with is plenty of space for your wallet, cell phone, and every other type of accessory you might be carrying on you. Plus, they all rock double rolled or zippered front pockets. You can choose between the cotton or nylon inner lining. Italian leather is one of the finest leather around. Owning Italian leather accessories is considered the mark of elegance and richness. All big fashion brands like Armani, Prada, and Gucci are Italian in origin. If you are in luck you can own an excellent Italian wholesale leather purse or accessory at Jillian’s wholesale service. Visit our website to know more about products and wholesale services and order today.